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Turban Plus ® is the leading headwear manufacturer in the USA specializing in fashionable chemo headwear. Our products are specifically designed for chemotherapy patients or others suffering from medically related hair loss. Cancer centers, hospitals, wig shops and mastectomy boutiques have trusted us to provide them with the highest quality head covers since 1969. Our understanding and knowledge of chemo headwear is unparalleled in the industry with over 60 years of design expertise.

Turban Plus ® is a woman owned and family operated company founded on the mission to provide stylish, quality headcovers to those in need. Our founders focused on making headwear readily available at a time when dealing with the side effects of cancer was still taboo. We ensure product quality by operating out of a single manufacturing and distribution center where our items are carefully designed, developed and produced. We are the only large scale cancer headwear company that continues to manufacture within the United States. We offer high-low fashion and specialty lines to suit your customer needs.

Thank you for making Turban Plus ® your No. 1 choice for chemotherapy headwear.

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