Faire.com FAQ's

We're thrilled to share that we have partnered with Faire to offer Net 60 payment terms to our retailers. If you're new to Faire, you will also receive $100* in credit and a year of free shipping on Turban Plus® products covered by Faire.

In addition, you will also receive free returns on your first order. Try new Turban Plus® products risk-free!

Faire.com F.A.Q.

How do I order on Faire.com?

Follow this link to shop our selection on Faire.com: faire.com/direct/turbanplus

Do I need to create an account on Faire.com?

Yes, you will need to create an account on Faire.com to purchase our products on their online marketplace. Follow this link to get started: faire.com/direct/turbanplus

How do I get $100* credit and free shipping for 1 year for Turban Plus® products on Faire.com?

You must be new to Faire to receive the $100 credit and free shipping for 1 year, covered by Faire. The $100 credit and one year of free shipping offer expires 7 days after your sign-up date if an order is not placed. Follow this link to get started: faire.com/direct/turbanplus

How do I get Net 60 payment terms on Faire.com?

Net 60 payment terms is offered by Faire.com for approved retailers. Create an account on Faire and apply for Net 60 payment terms.

How do I get free returns on Faire.com?

Faire offers free returns for eligible merchandise on your first order with Turban Plus® on Faire.com. Please go to Faire.com for further information.


Which Turban Plus® products are offered on Faire.com?

We offer our entire selection of regular priced merchandise on Faire. At this time, closeout items are only offered on TurbanPlus.com. 


Can I still place my orders directly on TurbanPlus.com?

Our items are available to purchase directly from our website at TurbanPlus.com or via telephone or email as in the past. Nothing has changed in the way you order directly from us or how your account is set up directly with us. We have partnered with Faire.com to offer our items on their online marketplace and they have made available to our customers an incentive for you to order on their platform. You may choose to order however you would like. But please note, any incentives Faire offers ($100 credit and free shipping for new sign ups, Net 60 terms) is only available on their website since they are essentially funding $$ that order themselves.


Click to shop: https://faire.com/direct/turbanplus

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