Wholesale Account Application - (Part 1 of 2)


Turban Plus® welcomes wholesale accounts to brick-and-mortar businesses offering primarily wigs and/or mastectomy products and to hospitals, cancer centers and non-profit cancer organizations.

To apply for a wholesale account with Turban Plus®, please review our Terms and Conditions and complete the following online application form. A copy of your resale license or tax exempt form is required to complete your application. Please allow 1-2 business days to process your application after we receive your valid IRS tax exemption documents. Upon approval, you will receive an email to activate your wholesale account.

1. Minimum order of $100 is required per order.
2. Credit card or pre-paid only for online orders. Net Terms are offered on a case by case basis.
3. For USA accounts, a copy of your State Resale License, Business License (for AK, DE, MT, NH, OR) or non-proft valid IRS tax exemption certificate is required to process your application.
4. For International Accounts, VAT, Tax or Business License Number required. Please email us at contactus@turbanplus.com.
5. If you have any questions please call our Customer Service Center at 714-530-9590.

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By checking “I AGREE” located above you agree to be bound by the Online Sales Agreement. You agree to not list any Turban Plus® products on any eCommerce websites, marketplaces (or similar websites, in any capacity) including but not limited to Amazon.com, Walmart.com, eBay.com, or etsy.com. I understand my failure to comply will result in immediate termination of my account without notice.

By checking “I AGREE” located above you agree to be bound by all Terms and Conditions (including the Retailer Policies) set forth by Turban Plus® as this Agreement (or the Retailer Policies) may be updated from time to time in accordance with this Agreement. You further represent and warrant that you are registering with Turban Plus® on behalf of an entity and that you have the requisite right, power, and authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the entity you register with Turban Plus®.

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